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Mobile Mechanic & Tyre Fitting Moray: help with todays busy lifestyle by arranging routine car maintenance tasks & fault diagnosis at your home or place of work Plus Call and collect services make it easy by collecting your vehicle from home or work, carrying out routine & milestone car servicing tasks and MOT before returning your vehicle

Moray Brake Discs and Pads Fitted
Worn brake pads replaced and new brake discs fitted as part of a routine service or braking system ovehaul including: replacing rusted brake pipes, topping up or filling with fresh hydraulic fluid, system bleeding and master-slave cylinder replacement: all local to Moray

Moray Replacement Exhaust Systems and Catalytic Converters
Holed exhaust pipes and boxes replaced and emissions reduced with a fresh catalytic convertor - Oxygen sensor

Cheap Tyres Moray
Most tyres sizes fitted and balanced from standard R15 tyres to low profile 17" tyres, 4X4 and run flat tyres including mobile tyre fitting Moray

Moray Broken Suspension Springs Replaced
Pothole, kerbs and traffic calming systems can cause a lot of stress to modern tapered suspension springs: Brokeen suspension springs replaced and performance suspension systems and lowering springs fitted

Moray Engine Oil & Filter Change
Fresh multigrade or synthetic oil replacement with oil, fuel, pollen and air filters

Car Repair Quote

Car Repairs Moray

Clutch Replacement

Moray Clutch Fitting & Repairs

Clutch plates are faced with a high friction material that eventualy wears and needs to be replaced; clutch kits for most vehicle makes contain the clutch elements most likely to need replacing

Timing Belt-Cambelt

Moray Timing belt kit replacement

Most cars are fittied with a belt driven or chain driven timing system that needs to be replaced occasionally; polymer timing belts should be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendationand typically every 60,000 miles

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Roadside Mechanic

Mobile tyre fitting, mechanic & recovery services for roadside repairs and vehicle transportation in the Moray area...

OBD II Fault Diagnosis

Engine and Electrical Fault code reading and diagnostic testing to help identify and rectify most auto-electrical faults including "Check Engine light" problems...

Bodyshop & Paint Shop

Reversing and impact damage to body panels and bumpers repaired; paint touch up and respray,laquer and polish by a bodyshop near Moray...

MOT Test Centre

Routine vehicle servicing and inspection to prepare for an MOT prior to testing and repairs if your vehicl fails its MOT...

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